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2018 Triton GLS Diesel Auto

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  • 2018 Triton GLS Diesel Auto

    Hi Guys,

    New member picking up my new Triton on Thursday and planning a trip in November 2018 to Vic High Country, we have about 2 weeks. So looking to see if I need any modifications (tyres, diff locks). I will be towing a POD Off-Road Trailer with Treg Hitch (max 750kg). I have not been there in about 14 years so I’m sure it has changed a bit and it was in a 60 Series Landcruiser with twin diff locks and mudders but now will be with open diffs and standard road tyres this time round. I have a mate with a V6 Amarok going too so I won’t be travelling alone and we have our own recovery gear.
    Just wondering peoples thoughts on towing around the many tracks and if there is any not suitable.

    Cheers in advance

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    You say your Triton has open diffs, but surely it also has factory standard traction control? If so I think you'll find it copes with cross axle situations offroad with considerable ease and if you've not had a modern traction control 4wd before then you're in for a very pleasant surprise as to its offroad capability right from the showroom floor. Harrop Eaton (Melbourne) now have e-locker options for front and rear diff if you're interested, but you should check out the traction control abilities first. You have to learn to drive a TC vehicle - you have to overcome the natural temptation to ease off the throttle when wheelspin first begins or you end up defeating the TC before it has a chance to work. A locker is a nice addition to use with TC, or in the unlikely event that something puts the TC out of action, and useful on long slippery climbs that can exceed TC duration capacity.

    But it's always beneficial to change out the standard tyres asap if going seriously offroad. And I don't just say this from a grip and tread pattern perspective (though that's relevant also), but more importantly from a durability perspective. Something in a LT construction with 3 ply sidewalls will prove considerably more difficult to puncture or damage on the rocks than a normal tyre and this is so important.

    I am keen to see what others will say about towing offroad, as I have no experience in that area. I haven't heard of POD campers before and just checked out their website to see what it is you have and have come away very very impressed. Looks like it's quite a package while still keeping weight to 750kg max. So many camper trailers these days come with impressive offroad suspension, but have a tare of around 1,600kg and I just can't imagine towing that in challenging offroad situations no matter how good the suspension is. But your POD camper looks like it should be a whole lot more appropriate for proper offroad use.
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      Hi Kiwi,

      Thanks so much for the time and thought in your response. I have owned 6 different 4wds since 1985 and this is my first 4x4 with TC, so yes I need to understand how to take advantage of it’s capabilities. I really do not want to fit diff locks so changing out the tyres to a set of LT All Terrains will help greatly.
      The Pod trailer is great I have the Offroad model with racks on the tub lid and a checker plate box on the drawbar that carries my 80ltr fridge, deep cycle battery box inside the tub.
      Looking at the prices of LT All Terrain tyres, wow they are expensive these days. The last AT tyres I purchased were Bridgestone 693 LT and paid about $200 each.
      So now I need to find out what is the largest tyre I can go up to from the standard 245/65R17 to gain a bit more height, any thoughts ?




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        Without knowing all gear ratios, diff ratio and transfer ratio it is not possible to give a technical opinion.
        Size tyre options are;
        245/65-R17 750mm factory diameter.
        245/70-R17 775mm
        265/65-R17 776mm
        245/75-R17 799mm
        265/70-R17 803mm, this is a 53mm increase and the legal limit is 50mm.

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