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  • I’m sorry I can’t help you with your issue but I’ve learned a new word today which I had to look up. That’s a first for me on this forum .
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  • Thanks erad, and others, for your replies.

    Point taken about checking the bolt tension with the Loctite. Thinking laterally though, would it work if a torque wrench was put on at a lower setting, say 150 n-m and it clicks, be a way of indicating...
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  • An update:

    Spoke to the mechanic this morning.

    He says he locked the engine from turning over while tightening the bolt with a bar through an access slot somewhere under a plastic cover.
    He says he used a torque wrench....
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  • Thanks, erad, for your thorough reply.

    Unfortunately the way I wrote my post misled you that the bolt had snapped a second time. This was not the case, it had come loose allowing the balancer to move forward and which caused the belt shredding...
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  • Well, having had the harmonic balance replaced (with a new bolt) after the previous dramas, the issue has recurred. A week or so ago there was a rattling sound (turned out to be a shredding alternator belt) and investigation of which determined that...
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  • Thanks for the replies, making some sense now.

    In talking to some friends on this subject, however, the question arose as to what the answer is if you divide 0 by 0.
    Some say it is undefined whilst others say the answer is 1.
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    started a topic One for the mathematicians ...

    One for the mathematicians ...

    Righto, it’s 55 years since I did maths at school and have forgotten a bit in the interim.

    My 6 yr. old grandson and I were recently doing sums together and it was his turn to ask me some. He had his Ipad out with an arithmetic app open...
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