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  • Matt Maguire
    Snorkel for 3.8 petrol np 2004
    by Matt Maguire
    Hello all,I have a 3.8 litre petrol NP 2004 model.I wish to put a snorkel on it but have had no luck in finding one.All the places I have contacted(ARB,TJM,Airtech,Airflow,Safari and more)all do one for the diesel and the 3.5 litre but not the 3.8.So...
    27-06-15, 11:38 AM
  • Fatty
    High idle 1100rpm '92 3.0 V6 (12V) manual
    by Fatty

    Have posted about this on the facebook page but wanted to have it up here for future reference as well.

    I HAD an issue with cold starting where it would not start the first few attempts, then start and stall, then start...
    31-05-15, 11:23 PM
  • Chilla Tee
    GL NT or VRX NS
    by Chilla Tee
    Hey fellas, I'm in the market for a pajero. Have a couple of q's I'd like to get answered so i can zone in on the specific model i decide on.
    With a growing family, I'd like to upgrade to a 4wd for the space and i would like to get started on...
    27-05-15, 12:52 PM
  • shaunms
    New to offroading, requesting advice from those who know
    by shaunms
    I think this is the right place to post these questions:

    Hey all

    New to the forum and this is my first post, advice needed please, I am so confused.

    I've been looking at getting a 4x4 offroader and narrowed it down...
    29-08-14, 03:59 PM
  • notjustapajero
    nm petrol pajero radiator upgrade?? help
    by notjustapajero
    Good day all just over the weekend my radiator has gone it ended up splitting at the plastic On the top of the radiator now I'm chassing a fully aloy radiator some What likete dssert cooler radiator I want something more heavy duty as I do tow a 3 horse...
    23-12-13, 11:04 AM
  • notjustapajero
    6g74 spark plug leads??
    by notjustapajero
    Good day all just chassingup some info one the spark plug leads are there thicker onesthan the 5mm I have seen around like for instance high performance 9mm spark plug leads

    And currently am I running the ngk platinum sparkplugs has Any...
    09-07-13, 10:52 PM
  • rmonson
    NJ 3500 DOHC startup
    by rmonson
    Currently looking at an NJ with over 300,000 on the clock.

    Have no previous experience with this engine.

    Seems to run well, but there is a tappet rattle type sound on (cold) start up, lasts for 5 or 10 seconds and disappears....
    23-09-12, 08:05 PM
  • archangel
    NM Stalling/Battery issue
    by archangel
    Hi all, my NM petrol exceed today would not start - checked the battery and there was white gunk around one of the terminals - cleaned it with hot water and cleaned the terminals, then jump started the car... drove it for 5 minutes and all seemed ok....
    01-09-12, 09:25 PM
  • Kool68
    HELP PLEASE - Fuel problem
    by Kool68
    Gday all,
    I have this mongrel fuel problem with my petrol NH 3L v6.
    There's no fuel getting to the engine (plenty of spark).
    I just spent crap loads of money putting in a new fuel pump & fuel filter which didn't change a thing....
    20-09-11, 05:53 PM
  • Kool68
    HELP PLEASE - Fuel problem
    by Kool68
    20-09-11, 05:29 PM
  • itstim
    Intermittantly will not start
    by itstim
    Petrol 94 has an increasing problem that it sometimes (now mostly) will not start if it has only been turned off for a short while like 0-15mins. It seems to partially fire when it first turns over but then is completly lifeless after that.
    31-07-11, 11:16 PM
  • Kool68
    Upgrading from 91 Paj
    by Kool68
    Gday folks,
    I'm thinking of upgrading my NH 91 Paj to an 07-08. Mine is a pretty good old bus with it's best feature off road being it's factory locker, 2" suspension lift & 31" mud tyres.
    Do these new fancy models go better...
    17-07-11, 10:25 AM
  • phoedo
    new to forum - need buying advice for a second generation Pajero
    by phoedo
    Hey everyone,

    We're looking at getting a Pajero, paying between $5,000 -7,500. From our searching so far it seems like this will get us something from the early 90s, or perhaps later 90s.
    At the moment we are weighing the options...
    09-05-09, 07:33 PM
  • ferdy
    petrol motor to replace 4d55 diesel in 83 pajero
    by ferdy
    I have purchased an 83 pajero with blown 4d55 motor - I also have an old 83 Sigma [4 speed manual] with a good motor and I have been told that it would bolt straight in as a replacement. Does anyone know if this is possible or practicable? Are there...
    09-04-09, 11:17 PM