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  • Shrike
    Recommended mechanic eastern suburbs Adelaide
    by Shrike
    I've had my NS Exceed V6 petrol for 12 months and it is due for a 110 K service.
    I was happy enough with NE Mitsubishi where I bought it but they are quite a hike from home. It is always a bit nerve wracking just trying to find a...
    19-05-16, 10:01 PM
  • ChristopherO
    Workshop/service manual
    by ChristopherO
    First of all, hello! It's great to be a member of a forum which is clearly a valuable resource. I've recently bought a 93 NJ Pajero, and am trying to track downs service manual. I've seen a lot of pointers towards mitsubishilinks, however the site is...
    05-03-16, 03:48 PM
  • bookemDano
    Brisbane Service Centre
    by bookemDano
    Hi Gents,
    I have recently bought a deisel Pajero 2001 with 220kms.
    Can anyone recommend an honest Mitshubishi service centre on the south side of Brisbane??
    23-07-14, 08:51 PM
  • MTD
    Pajero story so far.....
    by MTD
    My Pajero story so far..

    Bought a NS in October 2012 with 50000 km on clock, good deal I thought. Took it in straight away for the 60000 service to get the tappets adjusted and get the recalls done. Upper manifold was replaced and possibly...
    17-10-13, 07:39 PM
  • notjustapajero
    6g74 spark plug leads??
    by notjustapajero
    Good day all just chassingup some info one the spark plug leads are there thicker onesthan the 5mm I have seen around like for instance high performance 9mm spark plug leads

    And currently am I running the ngk platinum sparkplugs has Any...
    09-07-13, 10:52 PM
  • Yogibear
    130/140k service - Mistu dealer or 4wd specialist
    by Yogibear
    Hi All

    Looking for your opinions, my wifes 3.8l NP exceed has 134km on the clock and will be her first service since purchasing 6 months ago. Its in excellent nick and was well serviced by previous owner.

    We are in Carlton...
    12-05-13, 12:38 PM
  • Belli
    my first paj! *former GU owner....
    by Belli
    Hey guys,

    Well I'm the proud owner of an NS pajero after the ex up and took off with my patrol lol more fool her at about 22 LT per hundred she didn't keep it long but that left me without a fourby

    I wanted...
    24-04-13, 09:07 PM
  • christiansen
    Should Diesel oil be changed every 5000km?
    by christiansen
    I have heard it is wise to change the engine oil on the 3.2l diesel every 5000k which is more than recommended by MM. Any advice?
    23-04-13, 10:48 AM
  • Shano592
    150K Service - Central Coast - DiD
    by Shano592
    OK, this one is for the locals (to me, anyway).

    I live on the Central Coast NSW, and my beast is just coming up for its 150,000km service.

    I still want it to be by the book as much as possible, and I am looking for recommendations...
    30-01-13, 06:39 AM
  • mr_munro
    200k service is up, what should I replace?
    by mr_munro
    Hi All,

    The Paj has just gone over the 200,000 so it's up for another service.
    I have been doing it myself since I've had it and plan on servicing it myself again.
    For reference it's an '07 diesel auto with dpf removed....
    13-08-12, 08:54 PM
  • netorius77
    Was I ripped off?
    by netorius77
    I own a 2003 NP Pajero Petrol (Auto) that has just been in for a 135,000km service at Paceway Mitsubishi in Perth. I specifically took it there as they are deemed to be reputable. In particular I requested that they check the overheating under load issue...
    25-04-12, 04:54 PM
  • stu160
    2010 Pajero
    by stu160
    Hi all, I just brough a new 2010 Pajero Exceed, and the car itself is fantastic! Ive already taken it bush and its got some war wounds, but it handled the hill climbs and sand very well.

    Anyway, I wanted to get the MMCS going so that the...
    29-01-10, 09:13 AM
  • neddy
    Mitsubishi IBS Software?
    by neddy
    Does anyone have / Know of a place i can get the IBS software + workshop manual(s) for the Mitsubishi Pajero.. i have a gen2 paj, but i wouldn't mind it for all of them if possible...

    Basically its the software that the dealers have to...
    30-12-08, 12:20 AM