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  • suspension debate ...."lets put an end to it ":mad:

    OK I have been reading a lot about suspensions and found that a lot of threads have been but out there for it. 'still hard to pick one"
    I am going to but up a table regarding different types of suspensions to help make it easier for people...
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  • Bulldozer
    started a topic adjustable ride height

    adjustable ride height

    For the majority of the driving I do with my Gen3 Pajero, the stock suspension and tire size does just fine. But, occasionally on the weekends I go out into the mountains on some roads where extra ground clearance would be very helpful. So, I'd love...
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  • wazza87
    started a topic Suspension lift

    Suspension lift

    Hi all,
    I have decided next up will be a lift for swb. 40mm i hear is about all I can get apparently? Not many newish threads in here at the moment. I found this kit on ebay, says lovells springs and cheap! Anybody have any feedback on gabriel...
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  • Fuentes
    started a topic Suspension specifications

    Suspension specifications

    So I am the owner of a 2010 Montero Sport (Mexican Market) the bad part is I can not get the awesome suspension options you guys have over at Australia, Do you guys know the shock stroke, extended, and collapsed lenght? For rear and front shocks....
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    started a topic Essential Mods

    Essential Mods

    Hi All

    So in trying to rationalise my budget I am chasing some advice

    What do people consider essential mods to an NW (2014 VRX)????

    We have had many 4WD's and modify to suit each vehicle, but this is our...
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  • MadBison
    started a topic Load weight?

    Load weight?


    I notice that a lot of the suspension talk mentions the usual weight in the vehicle. Do you count the driver and passengers in this weight? Also, do you also count all of the bolt on bits like bullbar, winch, towbar, underbody guards,...
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  • Spacers to fix uneven rear suspension??

    Hello my fellow Pajero drivers!
    Sometime last year I got a a 50mm lift kit installed in my Paj at Wilkinson Suspension in Perth. $1600 for King springs and Tough Dog shockies, including fitting. A few days after I went back and told them the rear...
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  • Rowley
    started a topic NS Pajero tow weight

    NS Pajero tow weight

    NS Pajero, July 08 build date, Vin Number JMFLYV98W8J004043. Is it possible to increase the tow weight from 2500kg to 3000kg, if so how does one go about it. I live in Adelaide SA
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  • Badger79
    started a topic Lift Kit advice

    Lift Kit advice

    Hi All, I have a NW VRX (running 18 inch rims) I'm looking at getting a 2 inch lift kit. I'm just wondering what others have fitted/experienced. Any help would be greatfuly appreciated.
    Cheers Badger
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  • Need a Transmission Mount for DID NS AUTO

    Rang MM and they quoted me $220 for the transmission mount which is also used as part of the rear engine mount for the NS 4M41 AUTO, SWB version.

    Anyone knows whether I can get the mount reconditioned? or where I can get a cheaper deal?...
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  • Dazza1
    started a topic Suspension and tyres

    Suspension and tyres

    Hi everyone,this is a great forum! I have already learnt so much.
    I have a brand new NW GLX-R Pajero. I have had a redarc dual battery system installed, pedders adjustable air suspension, mitsubishi bull bar, rhino awning, rhino roof racks, redarc...
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  • yohan
    started a topic 3.8l SWB NEED HELP

    3.8l SWB NEED HELP

    Hey guys I'm from Dubai, and I've extensively read the forum for many things and it is quite helpful. Back home very few people are into modifying the Pajero and just use it as a family car so I'm quite grateful for the knowledge shared here!
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  • EnpePaj
    started a topic Lifted NP - WA review

    Lifted NP - WA review

    Hi guys / gals,

    Just sharing an experience with anyone in Western Australia thinking about lifting their Paj.

    After being referred to Autoride in Balcatta I dropped by and was initially concerned about a business at the back...
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  • Upgrading... What suspension do I need?

    Hi all,

    I am new to this and recently purchased a 2013 GLX - 5 seater. I have had arb fit a bulbar winch and safari snorkel. My next plan of action is a long range fuel tank (81l), a custom water storage tank (70l, to fit in the empty...
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  • Aaltuve
    started a topic OME Torsion bars

    OME Torsion bars

    Hi everybody, I'm going to put OME suspension, but I don't know if I have to buy with or without the front T bars. I have a bullbar and a M8000 winch. The paj rides ok. What do you suggest?? Also heavy or medium??? The only difference between the heavy...
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