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  • Blackshorty
    Soft Top SWB
    by Blackshorty
    Hey Guys,

    Do any of you guys have the Gen 2 Soft Top SWB Pajero that was originally released in Japan?

    Wondering if anyone has found a replacement hard top for them, or even had a go at making their own canopy etc?
    25-02-16, 11:27 AM
  • craka
    16 inch swb shortie NS or NT pajero
    by craka
    Who runs 16inch full time on their NS or NT swb ?
    08-05-15, 12:18 AM
  • Jacs
    Where to get SWB rock slider?
    by Jacs
    Hi Guys, Im researching Rock sliders for my NL SWB, dose anyone know who to call or a design I could copy?
    24-12-14, 03:45 PM
  • maxm
    Triton/Challenger 17x7.5 Wheels on SWB NS
    by maxm
    Hi all. As you are all aware finding wheels for the 18'' is a nightmare and expensive. I understand from several past threads that this topic has been discussed, yet i need confirmation b4 i go out spending $$$.

    *17x7.0 +38 Triton wheels...
    23-07-14, 11:23 AM
  • ed84
    Eddie's Shortie NT X SWB DiD.
    by ed84
    G'day all!
    I bought this little black pearl a couple of months ago, so i can get out bush a bit more. So far i love it.

    Planning a trip to the Flinders in the upcoming weeks, so wil take some more photos...
    26-06-14, 03:02 AM
  • yohan
    3.8l SWB NEED HELP
    by yohan
    Hey guys I'm from Dubai, and I've extensively read the forum for many things and it is quite helpful. Back home very few people are into modifying the Pajero and just use it as a family car so I'm quite grateful for the knowledge shared here!
    02-05-14, 10:16 AM
  • TG.
    SWB NH Interior Swap
    by TG.
    Hi all,

    I've just picked up a White '92 swb NH 3L V6.
    Clean, recent swap for reco'd engine, steel arb bull bar, spotlights, sunroof, rail mount roof racks and 4 spare later model pajero wheels & A/T tires (Just haven't worked...
    25-04-14, 09:09 PM
  • derf
    89 Pajero V6 SWB in Mt Tapulao Philippines
    by derf
    Hey Guys,

    I've enjoyed this site for a number of years now. Helped me get ideas on my 1989 Pajero V6 SWB build. Here are links of a trip 2 days ago in Mt. Tapulao on the northern part of the Philippines.
    20-04-14, 12:36 PM
  • BigH07
    First time Montero (Pajero) Owner :)
    by BigH07
    Excited to be a part of this site! I have been in the Four-wheel Drive industry for several years and have had everything from a 00' Jeep Wrangler on 37" tires to a full DOM Tube buggy on 42" tires.

    Well I have settled down...
    08-04-14, 10:07 PM
  • kevs_short
    Auto convert NF 4D56T
    by kevs_short
    Anyone auto converted an NF? I've found one and the motor and everything matches my manual model, just curious as to what and how it happened. Any help is greatly appreciated
    04-04-14, 05:59 PM
  • Dans_85
    Need to lift rear leafs!
    by Dans_85
    Hi all, I'm new here

    Sorry if this has already been covered or whatnot, i am just after some basic knowledge and advice.

    I have a 1985 SWB (Leaf sprung) and the back is slightly lower than the front, my leafs look quite...
    26-09-12, 05:47 PM
  • Olsen107
    Clutch Time!!
    by Olsen107
    Hey Guys,

    I fear the time has come. At the present, my clutch is starting to slip so its time to open the wallet.

    My Paj has done about 230,000km so i believe this is possibly the original clutch?
    25-03-12, 01:27 PM
  • Davo_NT
    Fit Snorkel w/ aftermarket carby (Holley)
    by Davo_NT
    i have an 89 swb 2.6L & im wanting to fit a snorkel. but ive upgraded to a Holley carby & unsure about installing the snorkel to suit. i cant find a snorkel kit to suit the Astro motor so im looking for some tips.

    my main concern...
    20-01-12, 01:47 PM
  • MightyMits
    My Mighty Paj's
    by MightyMits
    Hey Everyone,
    These are/were my Pajeros.
    The Long wheel base was my first, which i bought from my parents stock as a rock. When it started breaking tierod ends, stranding me in the middle of the forrest, i decided it was time to go....
    18-04-11, 02:57 PM
  • nj swb
    My shorty
    by nj swb
    Well, I'm supposed to be writing an assignment, so posting some Paj pics is a nice distraction.

    I don't have any digital photos of my Paj when I bought it 7 years ago, essentially stock - the only mods were the bull bar and an aftermarket...
    08-06-08, 07:11 PM