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  • MrDave
    started a topic Creaks and groans whilst towing

    Creaks and groans whilst towing

    Towed our camper trailer for the first time since purchasing our 2013 NT to the mechanics for a rego check. Our previous car was a GU 2003 Patrol.
    When towing previously no transmitted noise came into the body of the car when towing it.
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  • Andersen WDH hitch and Mitsubshi factory hitch received

    Looking at the Andersen WDH hitch for a 16 ft Jayco Expanda prior to 6 month road trip with the kids. Have just realised been using an under-rated WDH which is wearing out any way (the old style 4 bar CA one).
    We have the factory...
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  • MarqPaj
    started a topic Maiden Trip

    Maiden Trip

    Survived the trip in the NT to Sydney and back with 2.4 Galaxy Odyssey in tow with out any problems. However, would have liked to have lifted the spare wheel to open the rear door. Had already read a few threads on this issue and to those...
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  • AndyCaro
    started a topic Ex-police NT towbar

    Ex-police NT towbar

    Hi everyone, my first post in this great forum. We have put down a deposit on a nice dark grey NT with 55k on the clock (ex Liverpool Police district car - poss a weapons carrier / bike transport or similar as it has an HR brake controller & beaut...
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  • nm petrol pajero radiator upgrade?? help

    Good day all just over the weekend my radiator has gone it ended up splitting at the plastic On the top of the radiator now I'm chassing a fully aloy radiator some What likete dssert cooler radiator I want something more heavy duty as I do tow a 3 horse...
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  • Meremark
    started a topic Towing hitch issue

    Towing hitch issue

    Fairly new 4WD owners here. Chiefly bought it as a reliable tow vehicle for our 16ft Jayco Expanda, after our 6 cyclinder Ford nearly expired towing it up the Moonbi hills nearly Tamworth NSW. It has the factory fitted Mistubishi tow bar with 50mm reversible...
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  • mr_munro
    started a topic Rear stone gaurd for NS-NW

    Rear stone gaurd for NS-NW

    Decided to make up my own stone guard a few months ago for my NS after breaking a rear window with a rock bouncing off the camper.
    I looked at buying one but thought they were just too dear.
    I didn't want anything over complicated, had...
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  • christiansen
    started a topic Towing in 5th

    Towing in 5th

    Sorry to re open old threads but I need some certainty about how to use the tranny when towing. I have a 2010NT Activ Pajero towing a 1700kg van. Is it safe to use 5th in Auto? Does MMA have a stance on this? Is it necessary to tow in 4H all the time?...
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  • Planning a Large Trip in the old Gen 2

    Hi Gents,
    Long time viewer to the forum, but this is my first post so bear with me .

    Had my Pajero, its a NK 3.5 DOCH LWB, for about 13 years. Its been a really faithful truck with many trips including Fraser, Arakroola, Lake Aire...
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  • NP Overheating on Hills when Towing

    I am towing a 1750kg caravan with my '03 Petrol NP Auto (132,000 km). On a couple of occasions, I have found that the car begins to overheat on an incline or after a long stretch in soft sand (beach, but not towing).

    I read this thread where...
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  • Suspension suggestions for Caravan Towing

    I have read numerous threads regarding suspension upgrades, from raising, making harder, changing springs, shocks and air bags to name a few. It appears that most people are looking to upgrade their suspension to something harder and with a lift....
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  • BobbyB
    started a topic Upgraded Towing Capacity

    Upgraded Towing Capacity

    I have a 2002 NM Pajero and a caravan that I thought was 2.49 tonne until I weighed it last year and found it was almost 3 tonne. I have been told it is possible to get the vehicle certified to tow 3 tonne with some mods, 1 of which is airbags and I...
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