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Intermittent Tachometer Output

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  • Intermittent Tachometer Output

    My Pajero NL runs on both petrol and LPG when it is running, but very occasionally cuts on LPG, reverting to petrol, when tacho output shows 0 rpm, failing then to revert back to LPG.
    I have cleaned terminals to ECU and LPG emulator. I am increasingly thinking I have a problem in my 23 year old ECU, and may need to replace. Do you think the tacho failing to send to the instrument console, sending 0 rpm, occasionally causing problems in running on LPG might be a failing ECU? Even showing 0 rpm, the car runs both on petrol and LPG, but occasionally will not allow reversion to LPG when tacho is not working. I don't think I have a console/issue problem because of the disassociation between problems of 0 rpm output on tacho, and failure to run on LPG.
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