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Pajero Owners Of New Zealand

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    Hi guys I see were a very vocal bunch, yeah right. Anyway just an intro I've been a pajero owner for a number of years, started with and 83 shorty 2ltr petrol turbo, hungriest little beast this side of the black stump, couldn't go to Clemments road and back from HB on a full tank. Got shot of that when it became too costly to keep boging up the rust holes and bought a 93 shorty 3.0l V6 petrol. Thats been round the south island and back (4000kms) and many other places. Still goin. Just bought another 2001 Exceed 3.5 petrol. Going to do a bit more touring (in comfort). Any way thats me
    86 Pajero
    93 SWB Pajero for fun in da mud,
    2001 NM Exceed for touring. 3.5 V6 (Touring)
    2000 Super Exceed 3.5 V6 (fishing)
    Got a new truck for the damn deal I ever made!
Pajero Owners Of New Zealand

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For any one who owns a Pajero and lives in New Zealand.
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